Shelburne County Arts Council Endowment Fund for the Arts

An initiative to support arts activities in Shelburne County


This fund was established to support the Shelburne County Arts Council and its many programs, which in turn support artists and the arts in the Shelburne County area.

About the fund

This Fund supports the Shelburne County Arts Council in its everyday operations and in the implementation of its programs, all of which support artists and the arts in Shelburne County. These programs exist to:

  • Commission local artists to create original works of art;
  • Archive the artistic history of the County;
  • Generate artistic activity through competitions and exhibitions;
  • Provide seed money to individuals and organizations engaged in important artistic activity;
  • Provide scholarship funds to County graduates pursuing the arts at a post-secondary level;
  • Record and publish local musicians and artists;
  • Promote the work of local artists;
  • Bring artists to local schools; and
  • Fill gaps in artistic activity wherever they may appear. This Fund is a base upon which we can all help to build long-term sustained support for the arts in the County. For those with the means and desire to support the arts, there will always be a way to make donations and bequeaths to benefit local artists and to maintain an active arts scene through this Fund.

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